Getting Started with Adaptive

2 min. readlast update: 09.22.2022

Welcome to Adaptive! We're so excited to have you here. Ready to jump in? You can get started in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Accept the invite in your email and create an account



Once you've followed the account creation steps, we'll send you a verification email. Go ahead and check your inbox so you can confirm the address and complete account creation.


Step 2: Set up the QuickBooks integration

After making an account, you'll be prompted to link your accounting books to the platform. If you use QuickBooks Online, you can select that option and use your QBO account username and password information to log in through Adaptive. 

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, select that option and follow the steps outlined. More details on QBD setup here.


Step 3: Invite team members

Now it's time to invite your team to the Adaptive platform. Any one from the accounting team that needs access should be invited as well as those on the project site who will be able to add bills and expenses from the field. 


There are three roles within the Adaptive platform: Viewer, Approver, and Manager. If you forget any team members or need to create a custom permissions role, you can always do so from your account's Settings page later on. 

Step 4: Connect a bank account

Let's get a bank account linked up so you can pay bills directly through the platform. Head to the Settings page by selecting the gear icon on the top left. Select 'Bank Accounts' and choose 'Add Bank Account'


You'll be prompted by Plaid to select your banking institution and can follow a series of on-screen steps to securely enter in your username and password information and get set up.


And that's it! Your bank account is now connected to the platform and you can begin paying bills directly. If you have multiple bank accounts to draw from, repeat the same steps to connect each account. 

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at

We're thrilled you're here and can't wait to work together on saving your team time and money!

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