Submitting an Expense from Mobile

2 min. readlast update: 03.02.2023

If you're out in the field and need to record a jobsite expense, you don't need to wait until you're back in the office at your desk to do so. With the Adaptive mobile app, you can quickly upload a picture of your receipt and send the expense to your team back in the office to approve and pay. 

Watch this video or follow the steps written below to see how!

Step 1: Snap a photo of your receipt

From the Adaptive mobile app, select 'Create' in the bottom right corner. Once the camera opens, align your receipt's contents within the frame, take the photo, and select 'Continue'    


Step 2: Categorize the expense type

If your expense is not related to a job, select 'Other expense' as the type and submit using the appropriate category. If your expense is related to a job, select 'Job expense' and specify the job code and cost code if relevant. 


Step 3: Add receipt details

You can also add a comment to provide additional context for your team. Once the necessary details are entered, press 'Submit' and you're done! Our platform will scan the receipt to add in details like expense amount, transaction date, and more. 

Your team back in the office will be able to review the expense, revise if needed, and approve it for payment.


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